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For Healthy Teens

Healthy Choices

For Healthy Teens

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Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, have questions about abortion, or need treatment for an STI/STD, we are here for you.
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If you are a teen right now you probably know what it feels like to have a lot of pressures (school, friends, social media-just to name a few) in your daily life.  It can be hard to know how to make the best choices for a successful and positive life now, and for the future. 

That’s why we are here to help!  With our Healthy Choices risk-avoidance education programs, we walk alongside teens through their middle school and high school years of life-changing growth and give support in some of the toughest areas of decision making for students. 

Don’t know what to do with the daily stress of life as a teen?  Through one-on-one mentorship, group presentations, and other events, we encourage, equip, and offer accountability for students who want a little extra help and support with the choices they are faced with in our quickly evolving culture.

We can help with:

  • Friendships
  • Social media
  • Dating and relationships
  • STI Education and support
  • Drug and alcohol education and support
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Resisting peer pressure
  • Goal setting
  • Making Healthy Choices
  • Referrals

If you are student, schedule an Appointment for one-on-one classes or mentorship! We would love to connect with you!


Our goal is to enhance each student’s decision-making skills, communication with parents, and overall character while building self-esteem and accountability.  

Our Classroom Programs Include:

Grades 6-8: RSVP [Responsible Social Values Program]

  • Positive friendship qualities
  • Resisting peer pressure
  • Delayed gratification
  • Goal setting
  • Dating responsibilities; including dating violence education
  • Risks of sexual activity
  • Benefits of healthy choices
  • Parenting responsibilities
  • Setting physical boundaries
  • Skills for making healthy decisions

High School RSVP [Responsible Social Values Program]

Grades 9-12

Our High School speakers are community leaders and workers who share personal experiences with:

  • Effects of unhealthy choices
  • Teen pregnancy
  • STD’s/STI’s
  • Setting limits and boundaries
  • Sexting
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Healthy Relationships
11 Woodlake Trail
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
If you are a local educator and are interested in having our team come and present at your school or classroom,
Call us (740) 393-0370 or Text us (330) 294-9649 today!

Meet our RSVP Teachers!

Sylvia Bowman, 6th Grade RSVP
Margot Steiner, 7th Grade RSVP
Gwen Geitgey, 8th Grade RSVP

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