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Unplanned Pregnancy? How to make a decision… step by step

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If you suspect you might be pregnant and are certain that neither you nor the potential father are ready for it, the thought can be overwhelming. Maybe you had plans for your education, your financial situation is tight, or your relationship is unstable – perhaps it’s a combination of these factors, or maybe you simply feel unprepared for parenthood.

It’s natural to want to react swiftly in the face of uncertainty and discomfort. Human instinct drives us to seek order and alleviate pain. However, it’s often wiser to respond thoughtfully to our circumstances rather than react impulsively to our emotions. When we react hastily, we’re prone to making decisions that aren’t in our best interest.

So, what sets reacting apart from responding?

  • Reaction is immediate; Response is carefully considered.
  • Reaction is driven by emotions; Response is guided by facts.
  • Reaction is defensive; Response is proactive.
  • Reaction overlooks long-term consequences; Response prioritizes the well-being of yourself and those around you.

How can you ensure you make the best decision?

Firstly, confirm if you’re actually pregnant. Pregnancy tests provide indicators, but a sonogram is necessary to confirm viability and determine the stage of pregnancy. Starting Point Pregnancy Resource and Family Center  offers free lab-grade urine pregnancy tests and sonograms.

Take your time. Decisions of this magnitude deserve careful consideration. Listen to facts; emotions can often cloud judgment. Seek unbiased guidance and conduct thorough research. Make a list of the pros and cons of each option.

Understand the benefits and risks associated with each option: parenting, abortion, and adoption. Before proceeding with any medical procedure like abortion, research the doctor, clinic, and associated risks thoroughly.

Are you aware of the available medical and social support if you choose to become a parent? Do you know your options if you change your mind during the pregnancy?

Consider how you’ll inform those close to you about your situation. A support system is crucial, regardless of your decision.

Starting Point Pregnancy Resource and Family Center in Mount Vernon, OH, offers a safe and confidential environment, providing free resources to assist you in navigating your pregnancy and the decisions ahead. Call us today @ (740) 393-0370 or book an appointment for personalized assistance.

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